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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Core101 has entered into a strategic partnership to offer Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Services to complement our website development services. Driving targeted traffic to websites that produce results in today's competitive environment requires a unique specialization that Core101 can now offer.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the pages on your website in a way that makes it easier for a search engine to rank it for specific terms. The ultimate goal of SEO is to improve your website's ranking in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. Ranking within the first or second page of the search results for targeted keywords can dramatically increase traffic to your website.

Cost Effective Strategy

SEO can be one of the most effective ways to convert visitors into buyers. SEO delivers targeted customers who are actually searching for your product or service, or who are searching for keywords relevant to your product or service. Core101 provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services for companies who want to reinvent their website as a lead generating, conversion-based business-growth tool.


  • SEO Audit and Benchmark Report: SEO will increase targeted traffic, leads and sales. Our process begins with an SEO audit that will give you the insight to start an effective and lucrative campaign, eliminating guess work and maximizing your efforts. The SEO Audit includes: structural and navigational analysis that includes landing pages and conversion pages, keyword research and analysis and accessibility and usability from an SEO perspective
  • SEO Implementation: During this phase we will implement the strategy based on the findings of the initial SEO audit. The implementation will consist of on-page optimization, creation of page title, image tags and meta tags and landing page creation.
  • Link Building: Because search engines view links as a form of popularity and authority on the web it is a critical aspect of any successful SEO campaign. In this phase Core101 will use various techniques to produce high quality, authoritative links back to your landing pages such as: industry directories and related forums, social bookmarking, relevant blogs and interacting with your vendors for links.
  • Maintenance: SEO is a competitive ongoing process that never stops. In order to continually increase and maintain your web rankings, it is required that you consistently monitor and maintain your presence. A key to continued improvement is monitoring and analysis of your website metrics.
  • Ranking Reports: Core101 will provide your company with login information to access status reports 24/7 via our SEO panel. The SEO panel includes: key phrase rank historical graphs, top referring link reports, back-links analysis, status on social bookmarking sites and automatic emails when reports change.
  • Conversion Enhancement: Most SEO firms stop at ranking. However, Core101 believes in results. That is why we include Conversion Enhancement with all of our SEO campaigns. We are experts at identifying holes in conversion strategy. With Conversion Enhancement we will help your company not just gain more traffic but convert that traffic into sales.

Adwords Management

Core101 provides Paid Advertising Management services (PPC) with the objective to generate revenue and gaining top placements at the lowest prices. Our Google Qualified Adwords Individual will setup, maintain and effectively monitor all online marketing campaigns.

With popularity rising and market-saturation becoming fierce, Pay Per Click programs are only going to get more competitive and more expensive. Therefore, it's critical to have an effective pay per click management strategy in place.


  • Setup: Proper setup of Google Adwords is one of the most important aspects of running effective campaigns. An improper setup can result in poor ad performance, higher budgets and negative ROI, while a proper setup can deliver targeted traffic, effective conversions and an increased ROI, which all result in revenue-generating online campaigns.
  • Maintenance: Just as a proper setup is critical to the success of your Adwords campaigns, so is monitoring, tweaking and maintenance. Your Ads and campaigns should be reviewed and fine-tuned on a monthly basis to ensure the best possible placement, most effective conversions, and competitive edge. Monthly maintenance includes: keyword monitoring, CTR enhancements, ad changes (Based On Performance) budget monitoring and more.
  • Reporting: One of the most important features of a successful online campaign is tracking success. Measuring online marketing conversions and ROI is a crucial part of high performing Adwords Campaigns. Tracking and reporting is the best way to pinpoint the most successful campaigns and improve any campaigns that do not perform to their potential.

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