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eCommerce Works

eCommerce Works

Something that we have always believed in is developing a great solution that fits our clients business. 

We think that fitting our clients business around a solution is doing it backwards.

Imagine buying a pair of pants that are three sizes too large and being forced to wear them.

No way.


We love eCommerce. We love it so much that we invested thousands of man hours building our new ecommerce platform from the ground up. You may ask yourself why we would do such a thing when there are so many great commercial and open source products on the market today. The answer is that while there are many good solutions available, none of them gave us the flexibility that our clients need. 

Before we even wrote a line of code, we spent hundreds of hours analyzing every ecommerce site that we have launched in the past two years. During this careful analysis we documented all of the areas where our clients businesses differed. The result of it is a solution that can be flexed to work for any business that we have come across, and many others that we have yet to see.

Some of our key extension points include:

  • The ability to have pricing from an unlimited number of sources
  • Shipping and logistics that can be built to match your system
  • Payment options that work with systems you already have in place
  • The ability to merchandise products in ways never before possible
  • Order management and fulfillment options that can streamline your business

Did we also mention that it is beautiful and easy to use?

  • We have unlimited flexibility for making it match your brand or business
  • End users can easily find products through smart categorization
  • Product tagging allows products to be grouped together in ways never before possible
  • Our management portal is simple for your business to use, but offers many high-end features

Take the following scenario:

Your company is a distributor of many fine products. Some of these products are manufactured in house, and the other products come from a variety of manufacturers. Your company wants to sell all of these products through your ecommerce store. However, pricing fluctuates many times a week and maintaining it internally and on the web is difficult. 

No problem for eCommerce WORKS. Product pricing can be configured to come from a variety of places including internal systems, direct feeds from your partners, and nearly anywhere else. The result of this is a system that guarantees correct pricing all of the time that doesn't require ongoing administration costs. 


Please contact us to see how our eCommerce WORKS platform can WORK for your business

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