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What We Do

It's hard to boil down what we do into a paragraph, but we are good at making things happen so here it is:

We develop web based solutions that are practical, innovative and beautiful all at the same time. Our specialties include custom design, ecommerce solutions, interactive development, custom software, data integration, and website hosting. We strive for perfection in everything we do, and there is nothing more important to us than our clients. The proof is in the pudding, so make sure to check out our work or learn more about us.

Some of our services are:

      • Website Design & Development
      • Website Hosting
      • Email & Internet Marketing
      • SEO & SEM
      • Google Analytics
      • VOIP Telephone Systems by 8x8
      • Infrstructure & Networking
      • Custom Logos & Banners
      • Customized Shirts/ Apparel

Did you know that Core101 has built amazing web solutions for  many different industries? Some of them include:

  • Healthcare and medical
  • Retailers and merchants
  • Legal and accounting
  • Major league sports
  • Real estate and home builders
  • Industrial and manufacturing

With over 600 clients across the US and Canada, we have the experience your company needs to be successful.



Website Design & Development

More and more, a website is becoming the face your company presents to the world. At Core101, we think outside the box to create unique visual concepts that accomplish your business goals. High impact visual graphics are combined with usability best practices to ensure engaging, clean and functional user experiences. We have many options available, and our team is dedicated to working with you to satisfy all of your design needs. 

Custom Design

When you choose a custom design, the possibilities are endless. Core101 will work with you to develop a look and feel that is truly unique and achieves the most successful way of communicating your ideas. Photo galleries, Flash menus and product displays are only some examples of elements that can be customized and implemented on your site.

Branding & Identity

Your company’s brand is the visible representation of your business standards and values. Whether you are starting from scratch or want to implement an existing identity, Core101 has many branding solutions that will effectively communicate your message with pride and professionalism while setting you apart from your competitors.

Interactive Design

Interaction can take a high-impact design to the next level, and when executed successfully, it becomes an effective tool in achieving business goals. Core101 works to produce the best user experience by creating intuitive and engaging interactive interfaces.

eCommerce Works

The Core101 eCommerce WORKS platform has been created based on the experience gained while launching over one-hundred eCommerce sites for our clients. We understand that no two businesses are exactly alike and a one-size fits all solution isn't realistic for most companies. eCommerce WORKS is flexible and can be adapted to any industry or business type. Our solution has been developed from the ground up to be simple and powerful. The end result is more conversions and increased revenue for your ecommerce site.

  • Flexible pricing, discounts, and specials that drive sales
  • Products that look beautiful and can be easily found
  • Ability to integrate with numerous point of sale, CRM and ERP systems
  • Full content management system for easy updates
  • Optimized for search engine optimization at every step
  • Easy to use, even for novice users

eCommerce WORKS was created to be highly optimized and scalable, it can accommodate from one product to over one-hundred thousand. Whether you are a simple retailer, or an enterprise class business, Core101 eCommerce WORKS is an unparalleled solution.

Custom Integration

At Core101, we are really good at connecting the dots of business systems. One of the things that clearly sets us apart from our competitors is that we are willing to do the hard work that can have the greatest impact on your bottom line. We do this by analyzing your business and developing custom solutions that tie the different pieces of it together. Some of the possibilities include:

  • Automated order processing from eCommerce systems through internal inventory and ERP systems
  • The fusion of custom web sites with internal CRM and marketing systems
  • Real time communication with your distributors, suppliers, vendors and partners
  • The ability to track limitless amounts of data that can aid in marketing and sales efforts

Some products that we regularly work with include:

  • SageCRM
  • SugarCRM 
  • Retail Pro

Contact Core101 today to schedule a meeting with our team to see how your businesses bottom line can be improved by Core101 custom integration solutions.

Hosting Solutions

An awesome website needs a fast and reliable host behind it. At Core101, we provide full hosting services that are affordable and are backed by great service and support. Our network administrators and hosting coordinators are only a phone call away. Our servers are monitored on a 24x7 basis to ensure maximum uptime across the board.

Network & Communication Services

Networked computing has changed the way that organizations do business. It continues to evolve methods that can bring dramatic improvements in productivity by transforming industries and creating opportunities for entirely new market segments.

In respecting the crucial role of networking and integration of an organization's IT infrastructure, Core101 has built a cluster of world-class solution portfolio, network architects and project managers who can offer relevant consulting, integration, deployment and network support and are able to deliver large, complex, mission critical Network Technologies and IT infrastructure solutions.

Core101’s investment over the past few years has resulted in a set of skilled professionals covering a wide spectrum of technologies and architectures including network security; unified communications and collaboration; wireless LAN and mobility; routing and switching; and data center solutions.

Under the umbrella of Core101 Intelligent Networking portfolio, the right team mix is able to determine the most effective means for achieving any project objectives through appropriate network design and deployment principles.

Intelligent Networking

Based on the comprehensive portfolio of our partners (Cisco, HP) for routing and switching solutions, Core101 can help in creating a more intelligent, responsive, and integrated network. Core101 can help in designing, validating and building your LAN and Data Centre networking environments through core, distribution and access layers, coupling it with a reliable wide area and branch networks to deliver high-performance, secure and reliable architecture.

Core101 offers scalable, pervasive and resilient routing and switching solutions in line with customers' requirements leveraging the emerging technologies to form a robust foundation upon which future services can be offered. Major areas of Core101 Routing and Switching offering are:

  • Resilient and interoperable Ethernet networking solution to support 1Gbps and 10Gbps Ethernet connectivity
  • Scalable core, distribution and access layer solutions with reduced complexity and high availability
  • Intelligent Data Centre solutions meeting the demands of virtualization architectures
  • High performance and reliable routing solutions to unite campus, Data Centre and branch networks
  • Cost effective wide area network optimization solution including VPN
  • Flexible remote-site connectivity solution with resiliency and integrated services options
  • Application resiliency and network management packaged with routing and switching solution to enhance availability and visibility of the entire infrastructure.


Core101 provides solutions for anywhere, anytime access to network resources with a wide range of indoor and outdoor wireless and mobility services. With a solid base of technology partners, Core101 combines the mobility of the wireless with the performance of the wired networks for small or large networks including metropolitan areas.

Core101 offers complete wireless and mobility solutions and is fully aware of the challenges raised with the increased use of wireless enabled devices and mobile workers with justified business needs. Major areas of Core101 Wireless and Mobility offering are:

  • Wireless coverage solution for both indoor and outdoor areas supporting 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless standards
  • Complete wireless security solution with firewall, IPS and access control capabilities
  • Solution to deliver voice and video in addition to data over wireless infrastructure
  • Centralized management of complete wireless and mobility solution

Voice & Unified Communications

Core101 is the only WNY provider that can help you unify voice, video, data, and mobile applications on fixed and mobile networks to deliver a media-rich collaboration experience whether delivered from a Hosted or On-Premise platform. Core101 has designed and implemented various voice and unified communications solutions for small and medium size organization.

Based on the wide range of our vendor products, Core101 offers products and solutions for IP Telephony, messaging, conferencing and mobile and collaboration applications. With these next-generation features and capabilities, Core101 helps you enable comprehensive and effective collaboration experience to allow your employees, customers, suppliers, and partners to communicate quickly and easily whilst significantly reducing your total cost of ownership.

Core101 Voice and Unified Communication solution guides and enables customers to select the features and functions to meet their requirements for achieving scalable high quality voice and video communications over private IP network. Major areas of Core101 Voice and Unified Communications offering include:

  • Centralized, scalable and redundant unified communications solution which supports voice and video communications over LAN and WAN replacing legacy and expensive PBX system
  • Unified Communications solution for extending telephony features and capabilities to IP Phones, VoIP gateways and multimedia applications
  • Provision for advanced services such as multimedia conferencing, collaborative contact centres, and interactive multimedia response systems through the open telephony APIs
  • Integrated Call Admission Control within Unified Communications Manager to ensure that voice and video Quality of Services is maintained across enterprise WAN
  • Comprehensive solution to integrate messaging and voice-recognition functions providing continuous global access to calls and messages
  • Simplified solution to access voicemail and faxes from any email client
  • Flexible remote site solution for voice and video communication through centralized unified communication server and backup call control in case of lost connectivity to the central site

Click here for more information regarding custom integration.

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